Who We Are

We proclaim Jesus Christ.

Who lived, died, and lives again.
Who acknowledged each person’s dignity and worth.
Who brought, for all people, the message of redemption and of God’s inexhaustible love.

Our mission is about sharing the peace of Jesus Christ in all its dimensions. “The peace of Jesus Christ” encompasses all of the promises, hopes, and blessings of the gospel as revealed by Christ and as affirmed by the Holy Spirit, his promised presence with us.

Our campground is a warm, participative community where we respect—and use—the gifts and talents of each person, from oldest to youngest in celebration of our mission. In neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and organizations, we share the peace of Jesus Christ by caring for each other, for all people, and for the earth itself.

We promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace.

Our campground is devoted to provide a fun ministry to everyone. We want you to have a spirit filled and fun experience at our campground.

Camp Quarryledge is owned and operated by the Chicago Mission Center of Community of Christ.  The members of the Chicago Mission Center welcome you to this campground.

History of Camp Quarryledge

The ground of Camp Quarryledge were first quarried in the mid-1880’s by the Wormley family.  Limestone rock was sold to many builders, and you can still find homes and structures in the Oswego area built from limestone quarried here.

In the early 1900’s, the YWCA of Aurora purchased the grounds for a youth campground.  This grounds served youth and families from across the area for many decades.

Community of Christ (then known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) purchased Camp Quarryledge in the early 1980s, to establish a local campground for use by members of the surrounding districts.  At the time Camp Quarryledge was purchased, it had the cabins and structures used during the days as a youth camp.   Church reunions and youth camps held services and meetings in large tents, and participants stayed in cabins and tents across the grounds.

The Lodge was built in 1988, and continues to serve as the center of activity at Camp Quarryledge.

If you are an Alumni of Camp Quarryledge, please follow our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/QuarryledgeAlumni